A marketing department will drive the promotional materials of a business. It is responsible for starting our goal to be focused on increasing brand awareness overall, while also driving potential customers to products or services which in our case will be purely educational. Therefore, a marketing team is a vital part of a project structure especially at its earliest stage because it should be the team that brings in business, retains it, and helps the project grow and achieve multiple KPIs that we will set for it in a more detailed report once we finalize everything.

The team

As this is an early stage of the project, and also I have no idea on your current marketing department structure and if they have the market knowledge to help out with the project, and also depend on the project size ( which will depend on the budget ) here is what I think it will be necessary to include in the marketing team ( for now ), but not limited to, the following:

  • Marketing director or marketing manager: Once we have the marketing strategies in place, it will be the manager’s role to start creating campaigns and plans to execute these strategies, then he will divide tasks between his department.
  • Marketing specialist: Depending on your current marketing structure, the project needs to have a strong online presence via social media, and also we need to focus on SEO by producing forecasts, market analysis, and Informal articles. Recommended to find someone who has expertise in multiple marketing channels ( digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing…etc).
  • Data analyst: Because the project marketing would be driven mainly by data, the analyst is going to be a key role that the project will require. In fact, we might need a team dedicated to data analysis due to the importance of the role to the project. The Data analysts will measure the impact of campaigns, and indicate which are the best-performing channels, verticals, and funnels, which will keep the whole team well informed and most importantly will help with the decision-making by providing data ( Numbers never lie).
  • Writers: A content writer is responsible for many different types of content, he will be handling proofreading the website, translating landing pages, promotional materials, and creating social media post content and this will be a key in building a strong brand.
  • Graphic designer: Not much explanation is needed here as the graphic designer’s main role will be designing visual elements, which will include infographics, eBooks, Signage..etc.
  • IT or Tech expert: A tech expert will be important for A/B testing, email marketing, creating landing pages, and editing templates, in addition to the usual IT tasks.

Note: To fill the gap in the marketing team, an account on UpWork or Freelancer is required